The Dallas R/C Club was founded August 23, 1957. The original group flew at locations in Arlington and Caddo Mills. Later, after much effort and negotiations with the City of Dallas, the club established a flying site at the locations we know as Samuels Park East. We flew there for many years until, around 1979, it was decided that this property was going to be put to use as an equestrian facility in conjunction with the rest of the Samuels Farm on the South side of the highway.

The Parks Department offered the club a choice of two replacement sites. One was a spot in the Trinity River bottoms between the levies. Imagining the constant flooding of a site at this location, the club elected to move to location number two, our current location in Seagoville. Members soon discovered that we had found a diamond in the rough. What was needed was time, effort and finances to begin developing the site.

The members who made the move to Simonds Lake Park agreed to an assessment to finance the first section of the runway. As time and funds were made available, there were additional sections of runway added until we now have a first class 500-foot runway.

The 40-foot cargo container that we refer to as The Building was purchased and transported to the field on a flat bed truck. The frequency control box was designed, constructed and installed. Work groups were organized to build shade structures, pour concrete, keep the field mowed and keep the place painted as needed.

As of today, we have taxiways, startup pads, assembly tables and shade structures for our comfort while at the field. Last year, parking lots were constructed at the North and South ends of the building area. This year, we saw two large pavilions constructed adjacent to the parking lots so that pilots can unload their equipment and use the shade to assemble and work on their airplanes.

The Dallas R/C Club enjoys the use of one of the best and well-maintained model-flying sites that could be found anywhere. Many of the members who helped make this dream come true have now Flown West. As we look back at 50 years of club history and 20 years at our new home, it is up to the current and future members of our club to continue keeping the site maintained so that we all can enjoy our sport at this field for many years to come.

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